Synco Cmic V1M Laptop Mikrofon Professional Microphone Karaoke Mic Pro Audio Equipment Usb Microphone for Singing Pc Computer


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  • Model Number: Synco Cmic V1M
  • Package: Yes
  • Brand Name: SYNCO
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Synco Cmic V1M: Microphone,Professional Microphone,Mic,studio

SYNCO CMic-V1M USB Electret Condenser Microphone


1. APlug & Play USB Cardioid Electret Condenser Microphone

Asa USB Electret Condenser Microphone, SYNCO CMic-V1M connectswith various devices simply through one correspondence cable, providing clear and natural sound pickup for devices. Because of its cardioid polar pattern, CMic-V1M puts emphasis on the sound pickup on the front of the microphone, in the meantime, cutting down the background environmental noise, applying itself to diverse occasions such ascollaborative office, conference, live broadcast, online education, interview.

2. Precise ReproductionatOriginal-level

SYNCO CMic-V1M has the frequency response range of 20Hz-20KHz, demonstrating very wide and balanced feature. In addition, the USB microphone has excellent sensitivity at -45DB-3dB re 1 Volt/Pascal and the sampling rate of 48KHz/24bit so as to sense weak sound waves and convert the induced sound pressure directly into audio signals, delivering the clear, fine and precise original sound, therefore conducting more professional sound pickup.


3. Clear Working Status Indicator, Accurate Volume Adjustment

There is a working status indicator on the body of SYNCO CMic-V1M, clearly showing the two status of the microphone. The indicator would flicker green lightunder normal working condition and flicker red light under muting condition. The indicator would bounce up and down in correspondence with the electrical level of input signal, directly indicating the amount of input sound volume in order to provide assistance with volume adjustment.

4. Qualified Metal Net, One-button Muting

The top end of SYNCO CMic-V1M is a qualified metal net which can protect the sound film and block the clutter in the background, improving the ability of anti-interference and noise-proof. Moreover, simply touch the button on the topendto activate the muting function then the microphone would stop recording, avoiding the recording of unnecessary sound and lessening the post process work, at the same time exempting the worry of re-adjusting the microphone allocation.

5. Real-time Monitoring

With a 3.5mm monitor jack, the SYNCO CMic-V1M microphone can be connected directly to the headphones to receive the input signal, realizing real-time and zero latencymonitoring, so as to grasp the real signal pickup effect and recording status and use it as the basis for the flexible adjustment towards the recording volume and microphone volume.

6. Wide Applicability, 15° Inclination AngleAdjustment in All Directions

SYNCO CMic-V1M is compatible with different devicesuch as iOS device, Android device, laptop, PC, etc. Besides, when equippedwith the table clamp, CMic-V1M can be adjusted to a 15° inclination angle in all directions, allowing the microphone to be set at the most suitable angle to make sure the top end of the microphone facing the sound source at all time, enhancing sound pickup effect.


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